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Gynecology Revision Surgeon

Gynecology surgery involves the most personal, private, sensitive and complicated part of a woman’s body. Gynecologic surgery can be life changing when performed by a skilled and experienced gynecology surgeon. But, sadly, gynecology surgery sometimes goes wrong – and the patient is left worse of than before.

Failed gynecology surgery, or gynecology surgery complications, can be the result of an inexperienced surgeon, an improper technique, or a faulty medical device – or can stem from a postoperative complication such as an infection or trauma.

Whatever the reason that the first surgery was not a success, it is essential to choose a highly experienced gynecological surgeon who is specialized in revision surgery to try and make things right. As with almost anything in life, it is much easier to do things right the first time than it is to fix something that was done poorly or improperly. For this reason, you should only turn to an experienced Toledo area gynecology revision surgeon, like Dr. Croak, who has the expertise to repair whatever what went wrong.

Dr. Croak is renowned in the Toledo area – and across Ohio – as the gynecology revision surgeon who can repair “tough cases.” He is the surgeon that other doctors refer their patients to for revision surgery when problems occur.

When to See a Gynecology Revision Surgeon

As the name implies, gynecology revision surgery in some way revises, fixes or repairs a patient’s previous surgery. Revision surgery is often the only option when a problem occurs that is directly related to the first gynecologic surgery. In some cases, the results of the first surgery seem to be going pretty well – and problems do not arise until months or even years later. In other cases, problems and complications are clear immediately following the first surgery.

Whatever the timing, consulting with a skilled and experienced revision surgeon is always your best option. Returning to the original surgeon may mean that you are once again putting your health in the hands of the doctor who made the mistake in the first place. Virtually all insurance companies will cover any procedures that are needed to be performed by a skilled revision surgeon in order to “fix” problems from a failed original surgery.

If you had pelvic, urinary or gynecology surgery that “went wrong” call renowned revision surgeon Dr. Croak today.

State-of-the-Art Revision Surgery

Dr. Andrew Croak is a renowned Toledo area gynecology revision surgeon, who offers the latest technologies in gynecological diagnostic equipment and surgical procedures. In the office, he offers both state-of-the-art in-office Hysteroscopy and Endosee to directly visualize and evaluate uterine, pelvic and vaginal conditions to get a quicker and more complete diagnosis.

Dr. Croak has also completed a rigorous training program allowing him to offer the daVinci robotic surgical system to his patients when appropriate. Robotic surgery is the most advanced and safest method of gynecologic revision surgery, and offers the fastest recovery. The daVinci Robot provides high resolution, 3-D imaging of the patient, with superior precision, smaller incisions, less pain, and better results.

In addition to robotic surgery, Dr. Croak has performed hundreds of traditional vaginal, laparoscopic, and open revision surgeries, where required to obtain the best results for the individual patients.

Call Dr. Croak today to discuss your urology or gynecology revision surgery needs.

Gynecology Revision Surgeon OBGYN
Gynecology Revision Surgeon OBGYN
Gynecology Revision Surgeon OBGYN
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