MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser Treatment FAQs (Part 2)

In this two part article, our Toledo area gynecologists answer Frequently Asked Questions about MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser Treatment for relief from painful sex, bladder leaks, dryness and other vaginal problems.    (CLICK HERE for FAQs Part 1)

How Many MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser Treatments do I need?

Patients receive a total of three MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser Treatments, spaced six weeks apart. However, most women report feeling positive results after the first treatment.

Women should then typically expect to come back annually for a maintenance treatment, sustain the benefits.

When will I see results from MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser Treatments?

Most women report improvement after the very first treatment. As the body naturally produces more collagen over time, the effects become even more noticeable.

Since the procedure calls for three treatments spaced over an 18-week period, full results will be seen in about 4 months.

Is there a recovery period after MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser Treatments?

There is no “downtime” after MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser Treatment. You can resume your daily activities right after your appointment. In fact some women schedule their treatment for their lunch hour – and then go back to work.

However, patients are typically advised to not engage in sexual activity for 2 to 3 day afterwards, in order not to interfere with the initial steps of the collagen producing activity.

Always follow your gynecologist’s instructions for any aftercare.

Will my insurance cover MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser Treatments?

At this point there is not an “insurance” code for this procedure, so it is typically not covered by health insurance.

However, we offer excellent and easy financing options through Care Credit in our Perrysburg medical office.

Who can get MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser Treatments?

The MonaLisa touch is appropriate for any female who is suffering vaginal symptoms related to hormone decrease. This includes women who have gone through menopause, as well as those who are experiencing post-menopausal symptoms as a result of a hysterectomy or breast cancer treatments.

Is MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser Treatments safe for women with breast cancer or cancer risk?

Yes, MonaLisa touch treatment is ideal for patients who cannot, or prefer not to receive estrogen therapy. Unlike hormone replacement therapy, MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser Treatments does NOT increase the risk of stroke, heart attack or cancer.

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